Custom Fragrance

Now you can have your special fragrance and color with PEDI REDI’s product performance.

Let us custom formulate PEDI REDI for your theme pedicures or make a unique fragrance for your business. We have done hundreds of special requests and now we are offering this service to all pedicure professionals.

The best part is the minimum purchase is just one 65 ounce jar. We will send you a sample to test and approve prior to purchase. Choose your fragrance and color and we do the rest. Lead-time depends on availability and confirmation with the average being two to three weeks for product delivery.

Some of our recent requests: Mango & Coconut, Lavender & Mint, Vanilla Cream & Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang & Ginger.

Fill out the form or call us @ 800-313-7706.
And remember, pedicures never have to be boring!