About Pedi Redi Supply

Maxim produces high quality manicure and pedicure products for the salon industry. Heidi Miller, founder, leads the company by setting high standards for products and service delivery. Heidi began her career as a nail tech after raising her family and seeking to start a new career in a creative field. Her first position in a nail salon provided the foundation by which Heidi went on to build her expertise in salon operations.

Not satisfied with the quality of products available early in her career, Heidi began researching various products and equipment that would provide her clients with a more enjoyable salon experience. Among other important factors, Heidi was searching for products that were sanitary, free of excessive foaming conditions, and safe for salon equipment.

Unable to find products that satisfied her requirements, Heidi began the process of developing her own line of products. In 1995, Maxim introduced the Pedi Redi Plus pedicure product to the market. Salon professionals immediately accepted the product resulting in sales that fueled the growth and expansion of Maxim operations.

Today, Maxim is a respected leader in the manicure and pedicure product market. The company is dedicated to developing products that intensify the pleasure salon customer’s experience when receiving professional nail services.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to share how our products have improved the salon experience in your facility. We also welcome your general comments, questions, and concerns as our first priority is taking care of you… our customers.